Do You Belong Here?

That’s enough hifalutin’ metropolitan life for you, sunshine. Back to Worthing, Sussex, UK. We already have a bunch of arts spaces (another day, another piece) and a reputation for ‘brave’ programming.The Socially Engaged Art Salon is coming over from B’town to run some festival work and they’ve commissioned a couple of locals to do events that support their art exhibition.


Hairstyles, clothing, birthday gifts

Public spaces, family trips

Online forms, relationships

“Man bun”, “Lady Beard”

“Hello, ladies!”, “Come on, lads!”

Nights out and mornings in the gym

School and work and every bloody thing –

Not a minute of respite, not a moment of rest,

There’s fucking gender


But, strangely, just 2 of them.

Too much gender?

Or not enough?

Underwater Love – and Death

We dance our human sorrow, shame, regret at what has been done. But also our refusal to allow more of this. Together, we raise a furious, urgent energy while the soundtrack reminds us that this crisis is real and at tipping point.

Living in Worthing – Globetrotter Style

Why would a globetrotter with 66 countires under their belt return again and again to Worthing? Can it be the vegan sausage rolls? Ot the bountiful opportunities to get a nose hair wax? Terry tells me what pulls him here.

Coastal Remote Working – A Very Hot Desk At the Seaside

The town appeared to have somehow catapulted straight from 1960s to the 2000s. Time felt woozy. Millenial nostalgia for the mid-century modern collided with memories of actual mid-century, when life really did feel modern, in a not-ironic way.For an hour or two, I lived the fantasy of moving to Whitstable for the last part of my life: a return to Kentish birthplace but folding in that seaside vibe I’ve grown to love.

Social Prescribing

Aunty Eileen’s doctor advised her to take up smoking for her asthma. You have to understand that this was in the 1960s. Doctors now are prescribing choir as part of proven Singing for Lung Health programmes.You might not yet have heard about ‘social prescribing’ – but you will.