Hairstyles, clothing, birthday gifts

Public spaces, family trips

Online forms, relationships

“Man bun”, “Lady Beard”

“Hello, ladies!”, “Come on, lads!”

Nights out and mornings in the gym

School and work and every bloody thing –

Not a minute of respite, not a moment of rest,

There’s fucking gender


But, strangely, just 2 of them.

Too much gender?

Or not enough?

Terrifying Chickens, Green Dreams.

There’s a green festival at the Other place, and they do a plenty of musical dreaming up the road, but what’s especially dear to the hearts of many Worthing folk is the future of the planet and questions of how we can support sustainability. This was the 3rd Green Dreams festival, where a very motley crew ofContinue reading “Terrifying Chickens, Green Dreams.”

The Travelodge Rembrandt. (Part One).

I hide it all under my bed when I go out …. when I leave … I wonder if they’re gonna stop me one day.