Ethnographic Shorts

A blog of flash ethnography, based on interview and participant-observation work around Worthing, a seaside town in West Sussex, England.  Artwork provided by Worthing-based visual artists. 

Flash fiction – micro-stories or sawn-off tales.
Ethnography –  writing about culture.  What anthropologists do.

Flash-ethnography – a format.  Micro-ethnographic moments turning around a specific question or issue.

This blog is maintained by Caroline Osella, a social anthropologist who has lived in Worthing since 2014.  The original blog began in April 2017 and belonged to SOAS anthropology, Unversity of London. You can see back posts here.  WoBy reached 6000 hits a month by August 2018, when it shifted here. Caroline is now working freelance and is a Research Associate at the University of Sussex Global Studies.

All images remain copyright of the individual artists – contact them for permission to use or reproduce.  Browse the artwork at FB WoBy.