Terrifying Chickens, Green Dreams.

Anna, of Anna’s Drawing Room, is a Finn born in France, who lives happily in Worthing. Anna (largely self-taught) is passionate about drawing, painting and printmaking, making work featuring plants and landscapes from both real and semi-imagined places. Her work is on Etsy, and will be at Ashdown Road Artists Festive Open House shopping weekend (15-16 December). Anna’s recentContinue reading “Terrifying Chickens, Green Dreams.”

The Travelodge Rembrandt (part two).

I had nothing left except my Vietnam football shirt, so I said, let’s get our hair bleached and think what to do next. Och, don’t call me Rembrandt.

WoBy – Worthing ethnographic – shifts here this week.

The blog ‘worthing By Accident’ (WoBy) shifts here from its old home at SOAS blogs (university of London, UK). Ethnographic short flashes by Caroline Osella.