Things I did, things I do

I write. Research. Write a bit more. Collaborate in live art. Write. Give public lectures, seminars and enrichment experiences. Write. Co-devise and deliver creative methods workshops. Write. Coach postgrad students. And write. Always at that bloody laptop. (Ask the dog, who leaps up and nips me when it’s time to stand up and go walking).


Was 30 years in academia and doing nerdy stuff. Lately, I do coaching for postgrad students.

Contexts of Respectability and Freedom

Sexual Stereotyping in Abu Dhabi

Memories of Luxury, Aspirations Towards Glamour, and Cultivations of Morality

How south Indian Muslim women craft their style

Debating Shirk in Keralam, South India

Monotheism between Tradition, Text and Performance

Utopia Interrupted: Indian sex/gender dissidence

Tell Me, What Made You Think You Were Normal?

Talking & Moving

My kids used to describe it as ‘bullshitting about bullshit’ when they were teasing, but honestly, it’s more complicated than that.

Creativity Workshops