Worthing-based artist, maker or craftsperson?

We’re always looking for artwork to feature.  You keep copyright, and neither of us makes money from the blog – WoBy is simply a space for sending visuals and moments crafted in Worthing out to the world.  Message if you’d like to find out about showcasing your work to Worthing, national and international followers.  Or plunge right in and send me 2 images and a tiny bio.

Spec: size minimum 745 pixels, up to 2080 pixels, done at 72 DPI quality, plus your website / facebook page link (or any other link you would like to put up) and also a mini bio – up to 2 or 3 lines – (which you write) about yourself/ your work.  See past posts for examples.


Milner 2018 poppies

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  1. Caroline!

    From a one SOAS goer and coastal dweller to another… I am so happy to have come across your post-lecturing creations. It’s been inspiring to see how anthropology can be put into a aesthetically pleasing and more public form, especially since doing my final Anthro ISP in my hometown (Gosport) and getting a bit disappointed when realising that no one in Gosport really wanted to read it.Your website is breathing new life into a dusty dissertation…

    For now though, I wanted to ask you about other matters and apologies if this is the wrong email to be using (I couldn’t find another!). So I was studying Social Anthropology at SOAS and since last year have graduated. I did however receive a scholarship from SOAS and so I am still there studying MA Middle Eastern studies, with a focus on heritage industries the Gulf regions (mainly Kuwait).

    I have just come across your article about the book ‘Tribal Modern’ by Miriam Cooke, strong stuff. It was a big wake up call to ensure that my dissertation doesn’t do the easy thing of repeating popular themes about the use of heritage and how it is exclusive… On that note, and as being someone who has done ethnography in the Gulf regions, I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind sharing some more thoughts about how you and your participants perceived heritage in the Gulf. I will be focusing on Kuwait and I appreciate that the ‘Gulf’ is a complex regions with different heritage narratives/ industries. But since reading your piece against Tribal Modern, I thought it would be a good idea to get in touch to see if you have any other ideas / literature / people / places / websites that might give some more direction towards understanding heritage industries in the Gulf.

    I can safely say that your name is still whispered around SOAS campus and the anthropology department still misses your presence. I hope all is well for you and I will for sure keep coming back to this website when I feel uninspired in Gosport!

    Thank you ever so much for this and the teaching and support in the past,

    Kind regards,

    Amy Thomson.

    Ps. I am going to ask the ‘rubbish’ artist to do something for Gosport!


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